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CBC Family,

At our 2021 Fall Family Meeting we shared a brief update related to our desire to plant a church in Richmond Hill. At that time we had identified a few potential candidates to lead the church planting effort and had begun the process of interviewing, evaluating, and prayerfully considering who God might bring to plant this church.

It is with joy and excitement that we welcome Andrew McClure as the man God has called to plant this church in Richmond Hill. Andrew has been married to his wife, Annie, for 10 years and they have four precious children: Josiah (7), Hudson (5), Emi (3), and Denver (1).


For the last decade, the McClure family has served in cross-cultural missions in various capacities-- spending the majority of their time in North Africa (3 years) and South Asia (4 years).  As missionaries, they were equipped by the local church, commissioned from the local church, in an effort to plant the local church among unreached peoples in the 1040 window. Andrew and Annie love the church and believe it is God's primary vehicle to make known the name of Jesus in local contexts, and are excited and expectant as they prayerfully and dependently follow God in His plan to grow the Church in Richmond Hill. 

We will formally introduce Andrew and his family on a Sunday in December, but wanted to go ahead and share this exciting news with you all. As we welcome the McClures to CBC, we invite you to join us in praying for them as they transition their lives from Athens, and prepare for the work God has for them in Richmond Hill.


The Elders of CBC

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