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What are Community Groups?

Community Groups at CBC are smaller groups of believers who gather weekly in homes throughout our city to follow Jesus together. Each group is different depending on the area of town, stage of life, and the gifting of the group leader, but all of our groups are built on these 3 main components: the Word, prayer, and community. Each week, our groups intentionally encourage one another with the Word, bear one another’s burdens in prayer, and share life together in the community. Here are two distinctives that might be helpful: 

  • Highly committed – Our groups are not ‘drop-in’ but are highly committed to one another and to CBC. The expectation is that each person commits to being at group every week, which translates to around ¾ because life happens. 

  • Geographically based – We primary place people in groups based on neighborhood or area of town because proximity is indispensable in both ministry and community. 


Do you have any other types of groups (interest groups, home bible studies, etc)?  

We only have Community Groups at CBC in order to focus our efforts there. We believe that there is something powerful when believers simply fellowship in homes around the Word and prayer!


When can I join a Community Group?  

We connect new people to groups 5 times a year during what we call Group Connect. Group Connect happens in January, April, August, and November of each year. 


How does Group Connect work? 

Group Connect starts with a sign-up period where you will get a chance to sign-up to visit a couple of groups. You can go ahead and sign-up today by clicking the ‘Group Connect Sign-Up Form’ button on our website. After the sign-ups are all in, everyone will get 3 weeks to visit a couple of different groups. This is a trial period of sorts for you to get a feel for each of the groups and see which one is the best fit. After the 3 week group visit period, everyone will decide which group they want to join, and if they are able to make the weekly commitment to the group. 


How do I sign up for the next Group Connect? 

You can wait to sign-up during the next sign-up period, or you can go ahead and sign-up now at the ‘Group Connect Sign-Up Form’ on the groups page of our website.


How do I find out about hosting or facilitating a group?

If you have any questions about hosting or facilitating a group, please email our Groups Pastor, Coleman

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