Gather Neighbors

Jonathan Jagdharry | November 20, 2018


On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, CBC Neighbors Tutors provide personalized academic growth opportunities through a program called IXL. A portion of the time is spent on academics as well as building relationships with the students.

Dream Campaign: Discovery and Discipleship

On Tuesdays, The Dream Campaign provides creative activities for students to discover their strengths and passions. This interactive time is followed by a devotional and dinner in a group environment.

Tool Box

Meeting one Saturday a month, The Tool Box works with young men and young women, ages 13–18, teaching them how to use basic tools and providing them with their own toolbox with a set of tools needed for most jobs. Working with mentors, the young men and women develop new skills, read and discuss relevant scripture, and learn to give back to their community through projects they complete.

This year an Art and Engineering toolbox will also be offered.