To Our Parents

Carol Boykin | April 13, 2020

Hi Parents!

I hope that this post finds you and your family faring well in the midst of this coronavirus craziness! I pray that you are not walking through the valley of Baca (weariness, weeping, dryness, etc). If you are, fear not! In his message on Sunday, Pastor Bill said that as we walk through that valley, we keep our eyes focused on our destination, and it turns into sweet springs of refreshment! I pray that as we face another month of shelter in place, that you will take this opportunity to find ways to draw closer to the Father, the Sovereign of the Universe, and expect Him to do great things in your and your family’s lives. Mostly, I pray that you would give your kids and yourself lots of grace! I believe that in His kindness, God is giving us all an opportunity for a reset– a time of reflection on our priorities. It is my hope that when we get on the other side of this virus, our families will be stronger and more gospel-centered.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed – or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” -Luke 10:41,42

Is your heart burdened with all of the things you have to get done? Trying to balance work (or not working), paying bills, and homeschooling? Are you weary with cooking and cleaning and doing the never-ending laundry? Are the kids standing on your very last nerve right now? Will you stop in the middle of all of the chaos and take time to sit at the feet of Jesus and choose what’s best? Will you stop in the middle of all of the chaos and ask Him to fill you with His Spirit? Will you let the burdens of work, housework and school work go for a while and gather your little ones for time with the Father? God sees your heart and He knows the desires you have for your kids. Trust Him to overcome any “imperfections” of how you lead them. He is faithful!

Undoubtedly, we will all lose sight of God and respond in sin as we have moments of frustration during this craziness, but I pray that we will all see this as an opportunity to use those times to lead our kids in humility. Humility that comes back and confesses sin (actually name it), humility that repents of that sin (in front of your kids), and humility that asks forgiveness of that sin and is willing to pray together over it. What a beautiful way to teach your children how to come to Jesus– in humility and repentance. “…God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.” Will you do this perfectly? Probably not. I know I made a mess of it many times with my own kids. Just know that your kids know that you’re not perfect, and when you choose to humble yourself and confess your sin, that has a huge impact on how they respond to their own sin. They will follow your lead and respond with either humility or pride. If you aren’t used to doing this it can be the hardest thing to do, but when you do, God will surely honor it! Just think of the impact you could be having on your children’s eternity by teaching them to respond in humility. The goal is to always, in every situation, point our kids to the cross and cultivate hearts that are motivated by the gospel instead of performance.

I will leave you with a text that I got from a sweet mama at the beginning of this time:

“Yesterday was a rough day, but God met me in a dark place of having all kids home and one that was struggling with the new normal. Well, I responded with sin that stemmed from an overwhelmed and anxious heart. Here’s what I learned: 1 Peter 5:67, opens with “humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God…” this is a reminder that anxiety often wells up with our pride and self-reliance. As I lost sight of God today, I declined humility. My anxiety was rising with a puffed-up view of myself and a small view of God. Finally, the verse ends with, “He cares for you.” Oh, the countless ways He has demonstrated that He cares for all of us– His coming, giving His life, His rising, and the sending of His Spirit. Romans 5:8 says it so beautifully: He cares for you and I!”
I could not have said it any better than that!

John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” How big is your God?

Know that I am praying daily for you and your families, and please reach out to me if there is any way at all that we can help!

Here are two resources that can help you quickly & easily point your kids to the gospel (TIP: go over this with them before situations arise so that they’re familiar with it):