Meet Whitney, our newest staff member.

Whitney Reed | July 10, 2020

Hey CBC! My name is Whitney Reed, and I am so excited to introduce myself to you as the new Missions Mobilizer here on staff. Some people may be surprised to find me here considering my background and education, but I am so excited for how God has so clearly moved and prepared the way for this to be. 

I grew up outside of Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs) College of Pharmacy, which landed me in Savannah for my final year of rotations. I have practiced community pharmacy here for the last five years while also attending CBC, where I’ve had the privilege of serving with CBC Kids and Missions.

I remember the first time I learned that all of history is one story God has been writing since the beginning of time. It’s a story of God’s plan to redeem this broken world back to himself– the same story Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, all the prophets, even Jesus lived in, now a story we live in, and the ending is a people from all nations around His throne worshipping Him. It’s a story that tells us God is on a mission, and He’s inviting us into it! When I first heard this, I knew that if all of this was true (and Scripture says it is!), I wanted to be an active, willing participant in the role God had written for me to play. Initially this looked like passion for the unreached and joining medical mission teams whenever possible. Of course then when I heard about the CBC short term trips first in 2017, it was a no brainer that I wanted to apply. Since that time, as CBC Missions has grown and developed, so have my passions and calling been clarified: just as I wanted to play my part in God’s story, I desired for the whole Church to know and do the same, to faithfully live out their God-given roles in His mission too.

Even in pharmacy school, I knew my heart for missions meant that I may not practice pharmacy full time forever, and that is exactly the way God has been leading me. At the same time, CBC has prayed for God’s timing and God’s design in this new missions position. Over the past year, God has been moving, creating, preparing the way for this, and so now the time has come. We believe now is the point where God desires to introduce this position into His story for CBC, and His story for CBC in the world.