Meet Coleman, our newest staff member.

Coleman Collins | January 23, 2020

Hello CBC! My name is Coleman Collins and I have just joined the staff team here at CBC to be part of the Groups team as the Community Groups Pastor.  I will be working alongside Craig, Tim, and Klint to give our Community Groups the support they need to really thrive. I was asked to give a little bit of background about myself and share some of my heart for our church and our Community Groups without putting you to sleep. 

My wife, Elizabeth, and I moved here from England 3 months ago with our daughter Anne feeling called to the city of Savannah.  We have a huge heart for what God wants to do in this city through His church. Through the last 10 years of ministry, God’s heart for vibrant, Christ-centered community has been a huge theme in our lives as we have seen the transformational power of what happens when believers meet together to share life with one another. 

Two years ago, God started stirring in my heart a call to lead his church in being the church. I saw churches doing the rows and a stage piece really well, but lacking depth and direction in the “life together” piece of church. I felt called to learn how to lead churches into a magnetic and transformational community where Christians are using their gifts to love one another and reach the lost in their spheres. We started asking God where he was going to call us to begin this journey. 

After months of this restlessness and prayer, we received an opportunity to go to the UK for a year to be trained in church leadership, pastoral ministry, and church planting. We said, “nope, not crossing an ocean,” but God had other plans. Last fall, we arrived in the UK for an incredibly fruitful (and difficult) year of pastoring, training, traveling, preaching, and seeing how Christians in the UK and other countries around the world were seeking to live out authentic community and be the church. 

When we left the UK this past September, we felt called to come to Savannah but weren’t sure exactly what God had for us here. We sold our house in Alabama and moved here in faith, trusting God to lead us to where he wanted us to pour out. We decided to make CBC our church home and within a week, God made it clear that I was to pursue this role as the Community Groups Pastor. 

I am so incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to come alongside the church and serve you in the gospel. From the first time we visited CBC, we saw the same heart for community and we’re excited to be a part of what God is doing here. 

Two things we are praying for CBC are:

  1. That God’s heart for the community of Acts 2:42-47 will become more and more our desire and experience at CBC. 
  2. That as people share life in community, it won’t just be our lives that are transformed, but our neighborhoods and communities will have a living picture of Jesus as we share life together.