Letters from Missionaries, Vol. 7

Drew and Gracie Aimone | July 27, 2020

In the first sermon of our current series entitled “Be the Church,” Klint explained that being the Church means “being who God made you to be and doing what God made you to do.” In other words, we must first understand who we are, and then we live out of this identity. For those of us who are in Christ, our identity is God’s redeemed child, a new creation, ambassador to the world- sent for God’s glory to our neighbors and the nations

We also know that God gives each of us unique skills and passions. So what if these gifts are actually intentional, part of God’s design to help us live sent? Take golf, for example. Can God really use a skill and passion for golf to open doors to gospel conversations? That’s exactly what’s happening for Drew Aimone! 

Check out this update from Drew and Gracie, faithful followers of Jesus seeking to help others follow Him– and playing a little golf along the way to the glory of God. Through the updates of our ministry partners all around the world, our hope is that you would pray for them, celebrate the work of the gospel, and consider how God is inviting you to join in His global mission. 

–Whitney Reed, Missions Mobilizer

A letter from the Aimones:

Dear CBC Family,

Thank you for your generous support and prayers for our ministry with College Golf Fellowship. This past June marked one year for me with CGF and I’m incredibly grateful for what God has done and I’m hopeful for what He has in store. In what has been a pretty trying last few months, it’s comforting to know that we have people like you to lean on who are lifting us up to the Lord. We’re so thankful for you!

Our ministry revolves around relational discipleship and evangelism, so we’ve had to take on a new approach to reach guys. This has looked like doing a lot of Zoom calls and personal discipleship calls. Although things look different, I’m learning that God will not stop in His mission to draw people to Himself. There is not any circumstance that will keep Him from His ultimate goal of preserving His glory and worship. Here’s one cool story of what God is doing here: God put a young guy who is about to enter college in my path through a pretty random interaction in Austin. This guy is in the midst of having his life transformed by the gospel through beginning to read the Word! It has been a joy to walk with him as he is growing in his faith and learning what it looks like to live a life surrendered to the Lord. I’m encouraged by his childlike faith and desire for other people to know about the treasure that he has found.  It reminds me of the parable of the hidden treasure in Mathew 13:44, where the man finds this treasure in a field, then in his joy he goes and sells all that He has and buys the field. What a great reminder for us of the supreme value that we have in Christ, He is our treasure!

I think that this time that we are in has led people to a place of feeling needy and uncertain of the future. Gracie and I were also reminded of how God is working in this pandemic by talking to some missionaries in Pakistan who are seeing a lot of spiritual fruit right now. God is faithful and working both here and across the world through His church! Ministry hasn’t stopped, it just looks different. We are praying that He will continue to transform hearts and lead people to repentance. 

We are so grateful for you CBC, 

Drew and Gracie Aimone