Letters from Missionaries | Vol. 13

The Jesus Film Project | October 27, 2020

For most Americans, access to Scripture is never a question– the English language alone has hundreds of translations in a variety of formats and platforms. But this isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, over 2000 languages currently have no Scripture translated in any form. We know that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved,” but still, “how are they to call on one they have not believed in? And how are they to believe in one they have not heard of?” (Romans 10:13-14). Praise God for work like that of the Jesus Film Project to end Bible poverty so more can hear and believe the good news of Jesus. Taking its script from the Gospel of Luke, the JESUS film is often the first form of Scripture available in many languages.

Check out this update from a CBC partner working with Jesus Film to see how God has challenged and encouraged their team this year. Through the updates of our partners all around the world, our hope is that you would pray for them, celebrate the work of the gospel, and consider how God is inviting you to join in His global mission. 

–Whitney Reed, Missions Mobilizer

A Letter from Katie with JESUS Film

When I first heard of the Jesus Film Project 13 years ago and their mission to record the JESUS film in every language around the world, I knew that’s where God was calling me to go. All my mind and heart could think about (besides hoping I get to jump out of a helicopter) was the question that came up in so many spiritual conversations I’d had, “If Jesus is the only way, how will the people in the middle of the jungle and other deep parts of the world know?” 

I knew Jesus loved the whole world, and I knew every tongue, tribe, and nation would be praising the Lord in heaven. But how? How was God going to do it? 

Well, since joining the Jesus Film Project, God continues to give me a glimpse of heaven with every tongue, tribe, and nation. He’s taken me to record deep in the Amazon jungles, in unmarked and unheard of African villages, in a south pacific island in a treehouse… I’ve also witnessed an east Asian underground church being started with our JESUS film actors who didn’t even realize other believers existed in their people group!  

With this world-wide pandemic, I’ve found myself asking God how again. Life feels so stationary, and it feels like I can barely get out of my front door. My team hasn’t been out of the U.S. for months!

God has graciously reminded me of two things:  

1. It’s not about us and what we’re doing. It’s about what God’s doing. Be still.

2. Where is my gaze?  Am I looking for peace and answers in the circumstances, or am I looking to God and who He is in the midst of these circumstances? 

We may not be able to travel around the world right now, but God’s message of hope and peace is still traveling. 

We’re in a time when technology is now more than ever the world’s primary source of connection. People all over the world are desperate for a message or “post” of hope, peace, and answers. Well. We know the answer, and we can still share that answer in a way that reaches the unreachable – locally and globally! 

The Jesus Film Project has helped strategize, train, and even make new digital content and platforms to help with spiritual conversations and help keep spreading the Gospel right now even though recording and traveling are hard.

We have 4 new short films prayerfully being released next month on the Jesus Film app called “Do you ever Wonder?” We originally produced these to help answer questions that we learned middle eastern cultures were typically asking after watching the JESUS film. 

There was actually a trial outreach with this series in May around the end of Ramadan. There’s been over 500,000 views and 250,000 views within the first 2 weeks! Over 10,000 viewers were requesting more information, and hundreds have come to the Lord.

The Lord is blessing our labor. He is using the films we’ve been recording together! 

My team, the Jesus Film International Recording Team (IRT), is still gearing up and ready to jump back on planes to keep recording new languages when the doors open for us to go. 

We are currently in the middle of training our new interns and staff, who all took a massive step of faith to raise support this summer in the middle of a pandemic. They all reported to our team in August and have been training virtually with us in Orlando and in self-isolation in homes after our team had 2 group covid19 exposures as well as 2 members who tested positive with covid19. Praise the Lord, those two members are getting better, and we are on our way back to being 100% healthy. Please, keep the IRT’s health and the spiritual warfare we are feeling in your prayers.

I couldn’t be more honored to be in this with them and with you. 

CBC, thank you for your partnership – your continued encouragement of prayers, checking in on me throughout this time, and faithful financial giving. I am praying for you all and praying your eyes to stay fixed on Christ. I am praying for you to stay strong in the Lord.  

My brothers and sisters. Be encouraged! God doesn’t need us. God wants us. Don’t miss out on seeing what He is doing. Don’t close your eyes. Keep asking Him to show you. 

This earth is not the end for us. This is not our home. I just can’t wait to be in heaven with the Lord and praising God with every tongue, tribe, and nation for how He did it! 

We know He will. We know He is. 

Take heart, my brothers and sisters in the Lord! 


John 16:33: “But take heart! I have overcome the world.”