Letters from Missionaries, Vol. 1

Missionary Emily | September 17, 2019

Our God is a missional God who sent His son to earth to redeem a lost people. As the church, we are all called to “Go, and make disciples” so that the world would know and give glory to Jesus Christ.  We want to regularly provide updates of what our sent workers are doing so that you can pray for them, celebrate the work of the gospel, and consider how God may be calling you to “go” and make His name known. Check out this update from Emily, one of our recently commissioned sent ones.

–Tom Stephens, Outreach Pastor

A Letter from Emily

C rushes past me to grab the tea and platter of jalebi, pistachios, and cookies that will accompany our conversation. As children are watching cartoons and feasting on cookies and C and I are sharing about our families and busy schedules, a loud song bursts through her phone —the Islamic call to prayer. ‘Oh! I can wait until you are done praying,’ I say quickly so she doesn’t feel obligated to entertain me and miss salat (prayer), one of the Five Pillars of Islam. She waves her hands and tells me that she cannot pray right now, and goes on to tell me that women cannot always pray to Allah.

I know what she is going to say… it’s something I have heard many times when talking to Muslim men and women. There are times in a Muslim woman’s life where she is considered unclean and not permitted to pray to Allah. Being a woman can disqualify you from communing with God? As a Muslim woman, yes. C is an excellent listener and generous host, so she allows me to share about my experience with prayer. We talk about God’s son, Isa (Jesus), and how he became the Mediator between us and God.

I went on to share that although I sometimes feel unworthy and unclean to go before a holy and powerful God, I am invited to commune with Him like a child with her Father. He does not reject me or tell me I have to be clean first—Christ Jesus Himself made me worthy to stand before the Father through His death, burial, and resurrection. What does Scripture say Jesus is doing even now? He is at the right hand of God interceding for us (Romans 8:34). As I shared this truth with C, she smiled, nodded, and then moved to the kitchen to prepare more food for me to enjoy with her. We talked about many other different things during my couple of hours in her home, but God seared this conversation onto my heart and I pray that it is one she is reminded of as often as I am. May our Mediator make Himself known to her! 

Emily serves with a team who welcomes resettled refugee neighbors to her city and serves them through English tutoring, mentoring, and building friendships.