Holy Week Devotional: Thursday

Coleman Collins | April 9, 2020


It’s the pinnacle of the week, the Passover meal, and they’re are all gathered into a room to eat it together. They’ve done this every year of their lives, but today seems different, more significant. As Jesus is telling the story of the Passover, it almost seems like he was there. The slavery in Egypt, the refusals of Pharaoh, the horrible plagues. Then, God passing through Egypt in judgment; bringing death to every family who was not righteous, every family. Then, the remedy. The perfect lamb. Slaughtered. It’s blood spread over the doorframe of every house, as if to say, “This lamb who deserves life gets our death; we who deserve death gain his life.” Then, the night comes. Everyone hoping their lamb was spotless; hoping that this works. Then there’s darkness, loud cries and death but not from Israel, not from those covered by the blood of the lamb. The next morning, they’re free.
The Lamb bought their life and their freedom. Jesus finishes the story.

  • Read Exodus 12:1–13 & John 1:36. Write out the connections you see between the lamb of Exodus 12 and Jesus.
  • Freedom and forgiveness were bought for the Israelites once and for all that night of the Passover in the same way that our freedom and forgiveness were bought once and for all by Christ on the cross. Do you find yourself sometimes feeling like you have to continually earn your forgiveness or freedom from your sin on your own?

Every day this week Jesus has referenced his own death in some way. Tonight is no exception. He calls the disciples together and performs what would later be called the Lord’s Supper, in which they drink wine symbolizing his spilled blood and eat bread symbolizing his broken body. Why did they have to eat it and drink it? Why couldn’t they just watch?

  • Read Matthew 26:26–29. What do you think are some of the reasons that Communion is so vital in the life of the church?
  • We don’t just observe Jesus on the cross, but we receive it, take part in it, and our souls are nourished by it. What difference would it make in your life if you were to daily remember the gospel and the freedom and forgiveness you have because of Christ?
  • How might you begin make a daily habit of remembering his broken body and spilled blood: “Jesus in your place and you in his”?

This is the whole point of the Gospel: Jesus in my place and I in his. The problem is that we don’t think we are bad enough to deserve judgment. We also think we can make our own way if we just get a little shove in the right direction. We look at the story of the Passover and think that the Egyptians got the death that they deserved, while the Israelites got the freedom that they deserved. But that’s not how it works. All have sinned and falls short of the glory of God. All. Except one. The lamb.

  • Read Isaiah 53:6-7. Spend a moment meditating on the penalty of your own sin, and your total inability to affect your own salvation. Ask God to give you eyes to see this. Then, worship Christ for being the Lamb slaughtered in your place.

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