Family Worship Guide: April 26, 2020

Tsilavo Ratsimbaharison | April 24, 2020

For this week, we’ve added a special CBC Kids Worship Service, complete with worship, teaching, and times of prayer. We know that the content of this week’s sermon on Genesis 38 can be a little too mature for our kids, so we wanted to offer some additional content that would be safe and encouraging for them as well. We hope you enjoy this! We love you, CBC.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • A Key Passage & Big Picture Question that will help reinforce the truths and major themes of each lesson. We would encourage you to help your kids memorize these.
  • A review from the last week’s lesson and a summary of the current lesson for the week. Please feel free to lead and teach the lesson however you feel is best for your family. 
  • A Christ Connection to help you point your kids back to the Gospel. 
  • A suggested activity to help you cultivate more time together and allow you to reinforce the truths from each lesson. 
  • Ideas and links to songs for family worship. 

Watch the Family Worship Service here:

Here’s this week’s Family Worship Guide: