Family Devotional #1

Tsilavo Ratsimbaharison | November 28, 2019

Welcome to the first Advent Family Devotional! We hope this can be an accessible resource and a tool to help create some meaningful moments at home.

What you’ll find:

  • Passages from Scripture to read together. If you have older kids at home, have them read the passages to everyone. 
  • Questions and ideas for discussion to reflect together. Please feel free to lead the discussion however you feel is best for your family.
  • Prayer points to respond together. Encourage everyone in your family to participate and remind them that God hears all of our prayers, even though we might not know exactly what to say. 
  • Suggested family activities to help you cultivate more time together. Have everyone involved in these activities or in planning other activities you’d like to do.

Check it out below!