Be the Church.

CBC exists to glorify God by equipping people to follow Christ through Community and the Bible.

Core Values

Our core values are specific areas that we seek to help equip the members of CBC in as they pursue and follow Christ. We call them our S.P.E.C.S. — Scripture, Prayer, Engaging the Culture, Community, and Stewardship.

If you would like more information about our beliefs, please view our Doctrinal Statement.

Doctrinal Statement

Membership at CBC

Our desire is for people to not only grow through Sunday morning services but to also connect to the CBC community. Primarily that would include becoming a member, joining a Community Group, and serving on a ministry team.

The process for membership includes attending a Start Here Class and then attending a member meeting with an Elder.

Our next Start Here Class will be held Sunday, August 22nd



If you’ve made a commitment to Jesus, we encourage you to follow Jesus’ command to be baptized as a public profession of your faith in him. If you haven’t made a commitment to follow Jesus and you have questions or you would like to learn more about Christianity and baptism specifically, we would love to help. Feel free to attend our Baptism Class or schedule a meeting with one of our pastors.

Our next Baptism Class is Sunday, June 27th.